FOSEL Privacy Policy

Version 1.0

April 14, 2016

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for FOSEL, the Friends group attached to the Southeast Library in the Washington, D.C. library system. This policy is subject to change as appropriate. We will post changes to this policy on our website when convenient, but we cannot guarantee that changes will be posted before they are implemented. This policy reflects the personal information practices that we follow in practice or that we aspire to. We are a small, informal organization, and we do the best we can.


If you contact us through the website (, we have the information that you provided to us.

If you send a contribution, fill out a paper membership form, ask for a donation receipt, paid for books or a donation by check, or communicate with us in any other way, we have the information that you provided to us. For FOSEL members, we typically have name, address, email, and one or more telephone numbers. We may have similar information about volunteers who are not formal members.

If you joined our email sale notification list, we have your email address and possibly your name.

We may collect personal information in incidental ways. For example, we may have information about volunteers who have not formally joined FOSEL.

We do not expect to collect any information about children under 13 or about individuals living in other countries.

Our ISP may maintain web logs or otherwise collect information about website visitors, including personally identifiable information. We do not routinely review any of that information.

Use and Disclosure

We use personal information to run the organization, notify members about meetings and sales, notify others about sales, and in similar ways. We share information about FOSEL members (name, address, phone, email) with other members. We may share information about former members as well.

FOSEL members who have copies of our membership list may, on their own initiative, use the information in ways that are beyond FOSEL’s control.

We may share the FOSEL membership list from time to time with SE Library staff, and possibly with other DC Library staff.

We use our email sale notification list only to send sale notices. We do not share the list with anyone.

The remaining disclosures listed below are unlikely.

Any information about individuals who gave donations (cash, books, or other) may be shared with tax authorities (e.g., IRS) when required by law. However, sharing of this type has not happened to the best of our knowledge during FOSEL’s existence, so we think the chances of future sharing are remote.

We will disclose any personal information if required by law, subpoena, court order, or other lawful demand. We may disclose personal information with law enforcement and others who can assist in the event that our website is hacked.

We may disclose personal information to contractors or others who assist us in our operations.

We may provide all FOSEL information to any successor organization if approved by the officers or members.


Personal information maintained for FOSEL is kept on the personal computers and other electronic devices maintained by FOSEL officers and members. We are a volunteer organization. We rely on our officers and members to maintain reasonable security on their computers. We make no promises about the security of any computer that maintains FOSEL information. Our ISP provides standard security measures for our website.

Data Quality

We only have personal information provided to us by members, volunteers, donors, and others. We update the information when we receive new information from those who provided us with their information.

Access and Correction

If we have your personal information, we will allow you to review it and update it. We will delete your information from our membership list and mailing list upon request. Because FOSEL members may have copies of the membership list, a name deleted from the master membership list may not be removed from copies of that list maintained by members.


FOSEL officers and members prepared this policy. If you have questions, you can contact us at one of our monthly book sales (second Saturday of most months), come to a meeting (first Thursday of the month), or write to us at FOSEL, SE Branch Library, 403 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Policy History

Version 1.0, April 14 2016. First public version.

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